Numb Numz is a family-owned business out of Grass Valley, California that specializes in edibles, oils, and capsules. Our head chefs are constantly creating new delicious treats, ranging from chocolates and cookies to the ever-popular spicy jerky. Join us in the journey to holistic healing of the mind, body, and soul.



Our mastermind chefs are always up to something in the kitchen, ranging from snacks, cookies, treats, and chocolates. 



Great for arthritis, bone and muscle pain, migraines, psoriasis, shingles, burns, cuts, bites, dry skin, and many other skin conditions.


It’s important to us that we supply our product in the way you like to consume it. Our capsules are an easy alternative.

Winterization Process

We take a slower, more natural approach to creating our product through an alcohol wash. 

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